Police Officer Is Filmed Giving A New Pair Of Sneakers To A Man In Need

A police officer in Atlanta was filmed giving a man a new pair of sneakers after she noticed the man walking around without shoes.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Officer S. Thomas was working her shift a few months ago and noticed a man walking barefoot outside in the rain. She asked him if he needed some shoes and socks and he responded that he did.

Officer Thomas left to get some footwear for the man, and returned, but unfortunately, the man she originally spoke to had left the location. She decided to keep the shoes in the trunk of her car in case she came across him again.

Soon after, she noticed a different man outside of a Kroger grocery store in Lindbergh who was also walking around barefoot. Officer Thomas went to her car, got the shoes, and gave them to the unsuspecting man.

“She was not aware that she was being filmed during her act of kindness. She simply saw a person with a need that she could fill and did so,” the Atlanta Police Department wrote.

“We thank the person who filmed this kind act and who took the time to share with others on social media. It is nice when the good deeds of officers can also be shared publicly, whether that was the intent or not.”